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    Post  Montague91 on Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:00 pm

    By, J.T. Montague

    Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies,
    You'll never see me smile, but you'll never see me cry,
    When a horse can't bear a load, they shoot it in the head,
    Well I cut out my heart, because it was just as dead,

    Love is a vile thing, all it brings is pain,
    Those who show compassion, should know that it's in vain,
    When I try to love, pain is all I feel,
    So I cut out my heart, and built a new one made of steel,

    I once was conflicted, between the dark and light,
    But recent events, have finally ended the fight,
    The light is too painful, too easy to be burned,
    The dark is relieving coolness, no more pain to be earned,

    The cold wins out, making me numb,
    I feel no more, my struggle's done,
    Hold me tightly, hold me loose,
    Either way, it's no use,

    I can't feel the compassion, you choose to give to me,
    I can't see the path to happiness, that you all seem to see,
    I can't taste satisfaction, or wake up and smell the daisies,
    I can't hear my voice of self-confidence, or yours of sympathy,

    I am now numb, to the wounds in my heart,
    I am now blind, to the horrors I experiance and start,
    I am tasteless and unsmelling, to the foulness in the air,
    I am deaf to both the hurtful and encouraging, and I can't bring myself to care,

    I end now with a warning, one I hope you'll heed,
    Be carefull in this world, never wear your heart upon your sleeve,
    That's not to say "you shouldn't love," You should see all that you can see,
    This is just a warning; Do not end up like me.

    Copyright ©2010 Jacob Montague

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