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    Beat Of The Vampire's Heart



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    Beat Of The Vampire's Heart

    Post  Montague91 on Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:26 am

    "You can close your eyes to the things you don't want to see, but you can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel"

    Preface: The End

    I never thought it would come to this, I watched in horror as that thing approached her while she lay on the ground...frightened, shocked, and yet somehow relieved to have the pain finally end, at the same time sad that our love could never last forever, "I love you," I choked out, "I know," she whispered.

    Chapter One: Origins

    I sat in the bus restlessly, I was taught to have more patience than this but...I was anxious, I was moving from my five-year home in Texas to the North, there was too much sunshine in Texas for my liking, so I thought it was time to move somewhere less sunny, so I'd decided to move to a small town in Wisconsin called Menasha, I was hoping there would be less sunshine and that I wouldn't have to stay inside being home-schooled all the time, I would try to transfer into a high school close by and try to blend in with the other students. The thing about me is, I'm a vampire, my name is Mark Ryanson, I don't burst into flames in the sunlight like in the movies, although I can't stand the brightness...when I was a human I went to a small public high school...that was before the accident, my parents had died years earlier and I was living on my own, I was in my car driving to my aunt’s house for Christmas Eve, I was on one of those "country" roads, you know how there's nothing around but the road with trees on either side of the road? Well anyway that's where I was when it happened, I hit a patch of black ice and I lost control of my car, the car crashed into the trees and I flew through the windshield, I hit the ground and then I blacked out. When I woke up I couldn't feel anything, I was numbly aware that my legs were broken and I couldn't move, everything went black and then I suddenly could feel again, suddenly I felt spasms of burning pain all through my body, after a few minutes the pain dulled and then went away completely. As soon as the pain disappeared I became aware that my legs were somehow healed and that I was no longer cold, I was warm in fact, so warm that the snow around me was melting as it touched me, I suddenly realized that I was incredibly thirsty, my throat felt unbearably dry and it burned so badly, I went into my car and found a bottle of water that I'd brought, I dumped the water down my throat, my throat felt soothed...but only for a few seconds, suddenly my throat felt like it had been ripped open, I was even thirstier than before, I was still digging through my car looking for something to quench my thirst when I smelled something, it smelled so delicious I couldn't resist following the smell, I saw a deer walking around in the forest, the smell seemed to be coming from the deer, suddenly I wasn't in control of myself anymore, I felt like I was watching myself rather than actually doing anything myself. I crouched down in what appeared to be a stealthy hunting position, suddenly I pounced on the deer, I was amazed at how easy it was to pin down the deer, without thinking I clamped my jaws on the deer’s throat and my teeth easily pierced the deer’s flesh, I began to drink the warm blood that came pouring from the wound I had made in the deer’s neck, as the blood ran down my throat I could feel my thirst decreasing, suddenly there was no more blood in the deer and I was still thirsty. Since then I have felt the thirst regularly, my skin is very pale, but not pale enough for people to notice it too much, I look a lot like an albino, but anytime I walk out into direct sunlight, I become pale enough to pass off as a feverish teenager, not to mention I can't stand the brightness, my eyes are good for nighttime but not so good for daytime. Now I'm going to Menasha hoping to be able to go outside in the day time more often without people staring, I never had much of a social life even when I was human, I hoped for the sake of the students that my social life didn't change from that.

    When I finally arrived in Menasha I was quite pleased, not many people walked outside even on nice sunny days, that meant that I could just be myself out here, I got off the bus and walked to the apartment that I was going to be staying in, after I had settled in I decided to sit and read for a while, after all I wasn't exactly very tired. I finally fell asleep with my book on top of my other pillow, I had all night to rest, and then tomorrow I would begin the first day of my public schooling as a vampire.

    Chapter Two: The Strange Girl, The Other Vamp, And The Attack

    In the morning I got up early to hunt, I didn't want to end up feeding on a human so I always went to heavily wooded areas to hunt for wild animals to feed on, when I got to the woods I inhaled deeply through my nose, in the air was the scent of a herd of deer, I groaned, there never seemed to be any decent animals around, deer blood never tasted as good as the blood of bears and wolves. I followed the scent despite my dislike for it, then I became aware of another scent, a sweet luscious scent, one that made even bears and wolves seem absolutely disgusting, I followed the scent, more out of curiosity than thirst, I crept closer and then peered through the trees, I saw a girl walking through the woods, she looked lost and scared. I was about to go away to find the deer again when I heard a voice, "Hello? Do you know how I can get out of here?" I looked around, it was the girl, she was standing there staring at me in wonder, "What are you doing out here so early anyway?" I asked, Damm it, I can't risk being around humans until I've fed! She seemed to notice my displeasure and she simply sniffed and walked away, I sighed, maybe its better this way, for her to think that I'm a jerk. I went back to hunt the deer, it didn't take long for me to finish feeding, then I was off towards my apartment to get cleaned up, I was after all covered in deer blood and my clothes had been torn up a little bit.

    What was that girl doing in the woods anyway? I thought to myself as I ran, I mean, even if she was taking a walk, isn't it kind of early? It wouldn't have bothered me so much except that I could have so easily killed her if I had been truly thirsty when I caught her scent...Lucky for her. When I finished washing and dressing myself I examined myself in the mirror, I looked at that pale face that had once been so flushed, I examined my bright scarlet colored eyes, a trade mark of the vampire, I discovered that we can change our eye color at will, but I rather like the color that I started with when I first became a vampire, when I was human I was not so pale and my eyes had been light brown, now however those things had changed, my hair even had changed, it had been a light brown when I was human, when I became a vampire my hair had darkened until it actually turned black. Finally I picked up my book and walked out the door, locking it as I went, I ran as fast as I could towards the school; making myself completely invisible to others walking on the side walk. I made it to the school and slowed my pace; I didn't want to be obvious about what I was after all so I started to walk, once inside I remembered immediately why I had hated public schooling in my human life, the halls were packed, everyone pushing someone else out of their way to get somewhere.

    It wasn't until I reached the office that I received the notion that this school had any civility at all, I checked in with the administrators and left; as I did I saw the same girl I had met in the woods earlier walking into the office, she looked at me curiously and I could tell she couldn't recall where she had seen me before, I suppressed a chuckle and walked through the halls towards my first class: English. I walked in and sat down at an empty desk in the back of the classroom hoping not to draw too much attention to myself, it seemed like I was going to be able to sit by myself; all of the other seats were filled up and nobody else seemed to be coming, then another student came into the classroom. It was the girl from the woods, I realized now that I'd never really paid her much attention before, now that I looked at her she looked...pretty, she was slender but not overly skinny, her hair was dark brown and long; reaching down to the small of her back, and her eyes were green. The girl walked towards the desk I was sitting at; I moved my stuff over to make room for her, she looked a little surprised by this but it only lasted a few seconds and then the corners of her lips pulled up into a slight smile, she sat down and put her back pack on the floor leaning against her chair.

    There was something about this girl, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, I was staring at her trying to think what it was that made her so interesting when she looked over at me and saw that I was staring; she looked away and her face flushed. I decided that I might as well introduce myself to her since she would be sitting next to me, "Hello, my name is Mark Ryanson, I'm sort of new here, what's your name?" she smiled a little again and her cheeks got red again. 'Why is she blushing? Am I embarrassing her?' "I'm Jessica Johnson, but you can call me Jess." she said blushing again but smiling a little wider now. Just then the teacher: Mr. Jolts, walked into the classroom, "Okay class today we'll be dividing into pairs and discussing the works of William Shakespeare," he said; everyone started getting up, "But first..." all of the students sat back down, "First I'd like to introduce a new student, Mr. Ryanson can you please come to the front of the class?" I groaned but got up and walked up to the front of the class, "This is Mark Ryanson, he's from Texas, please say hi to the class Mark," I didn't like this, I didn't want to be noticed by everyone, "Hi." I said simply, I walked back to my and Jess's desk and sat down. "You're not very social are you?" said Jess looking at me curiously; I couldn't help smiling, "I don't like too much attention, I usually keep to myself." this confused her a little bit, "So why are you talking to me?" she said blushing again, "I find you interesting, there's just something about you that intrigues me but I can't quite put my finger on it...why? Do you want me to stop talking to you?" I asked frowning; she blushed and shook her head.

    I looked at Jess for a few seconds and then decided it was time to start working, "So do you like any of Shakespeare’s stories?" I asked casually, "I don't really know much about Shakespeare," now it was my turn to be shocked. 'She doesn't know much about Shakespeare?' "Well I'm kind of partial to the story of Romeo and Juliet." her eyes looked curious again as she stared at me, "What's that story about?" I smiled at her, she really was one of a kind, "It's sort of a love story, but it ends with tragedy." she frowned, "That sounds like a sad story." I laughed, this girl was strange, "I guess you could call it that, but I still think it's a good story." I said happily, the bell rang and I stood up still smiling, "Where's your next class?" Jess asked smiling too. I deliberated for a moment, "Calculus," I said, she looked disappointed, she nodded, "I have art class so I guess I'll see you later," I smiled and nodded. My next two classes seemed to just breeze by with nothing interesting happening, neither teacher felt the need to introduce me to the class as Mr. Jolts had done, I headed towards the cafeteria for lunch and sat down at an empty table, I looked around at the other students and gasped; one student caught my eye, he was about my height and his hair color was the same, but it was his skin that caught my attention most, his skin was extremely pale and his eyes were pale blue, I noticed that he was looking at me too when Jess sat down across from me and blocked my view of him. "Hi Mark." she said casually, "Hey Jess, who's that guy over there with the really pale skin?" she looked around and saw who I was looking at, she laughed and shook her head, apparently I wasn't the only one who'd noticed him.

    "That's Jason Ferns, he transferred here about five months ago, he never talks to anyone though." I smiled. 'That makes sense, if he is what I think he is.' "I'll be right back," I walked over to Jason and sat down across from him, he glared at me, "What do you want?" he hissed, "Having fun in the human community?" I mused, he chuckled darkly, "Am I that obvious?" he asked, "Only to those who know what to look for, I'm surprised people haven't noticed a similarity between us," I said smiling, "Well they will if you spend too much time chatting with me." he cautioned, I nodded and got up. I sat down by Jess again and smiled at her puzzled look, "What?" I asked, "How did you get him to talk to you?" She asked, I smiled and shrugged; she started eating her lunch and then glanced over at me, "Aren't you going to eat anything?" I chuckled, Of course not, I only drink blood, I don't eat anything. "No I'm tell me, why were you in the woods earlier today?" she stopped eating her food and looked up; a look of comprehending dawned on her face, "So that's where I recognized you from," she said, I nodded, "Well I was there on a dare, some kids here started some rumor that those woods are haunted and they dared me to go there when it was still dark," Well those kids aren't far off now that I'm here, I smiled and began looking around again, "Are you sure you aren't hungry?" she asked uncertainly, I actually laughed a little, "No seriously I'm fine...I um...I'm on a very strict diet." I said, Yes, a VERY strict diet, I chuckled, "Did I miss a joke?" she said, I pressed my lips together to keep from laughing again, "No I was just thinking about how odd you are, to be honest you intrigue me," I admitted, she blushed and looked down at her tray while still smiling.

    "I intrigue you?" she asked blushing even more, I smiled and nodded, man was I glad that I wasn't capable of blushing or I would have blushed by now. "Yes, there's just something about you..." I trailed off, she smiled, not looking up from her tray, the bell rang and we got up to go to our next class together, that's when I noticed that Jason was walking towards us, he stopped in front of us, smirking. He had dark circles under his eyes that hadn't been there moments before, Damn it! He's thirsty! He acknowledged Jess by inclining his head in her direction before turning to me, "While we were talking before I never thought to ask you for your name," he said still smirking, "My name is Mark Ryanson...and you're Jason Ferns, right?" he nodded, I smiled and motioned for Jess to go on ahead. "Thirsty?" I asked once Jess was out of ear shot, "Very, but I'll be fine," he assured me looking away seeming distracted, "Would you be interested in going on a little hunting trip with me later?" he asked, I smiled, I hope he means hunting animals, I nodded; he grinned and went to his next class; I went to mine. I arrived to my next class just seconds before the bell rang, it was biology, I hated biology, I knew the moment I walked in that this was going to be bad, we were supposed to prick our fingers with needles and look at our own blood under a microscope, I walked over and sat down next to Jess, "Aren't you gonna stick your finger?" she asked teasingly, I smiled back at her, "No, I've been known to faint at the sight of blood." I lied, Perfect excuse, now just hold your breath, "So what are you doing tonight?" she asked, I sat and thought for a bit, "Well I'm gonna go out for a bit with a friend and then I'm gonna go to my place and crash on my bed." I said, she laughed a little and Ms. Draynors looked over at her reprovingly, "You make friends quick," she commented, "They seem to come to me out of nowhere," I agreed with a sigh.

    When the bell finally rang I was relieved to get out of there, I walked Jess out the door and told her I was staying after school for a little bit before I went with my new friend, she left through the door and I started waiting for Jason, I was starting to get impatient when suddenly I heard something, (I can hear things from very far distances) I heard Jess screaming, and some men laughing, I looked out the window but didn't see her so I went outside and started following the sound of her voice, I finally found her on the ground, men were circling her as she lay there panicking, then she saw me and I saw pleading in her eyes, I felt such a rush of hatred towards these men, and at the same time I felt a desperate urge to protect Jess. I walked up to the group, "Hey guys mind if I get in on the action?" I asked, they all laughed, "Be our guest mister," one of them said, then I punched him in the gut, "I said I wanted in on the action, too bad you didn't clarify what action I was talking about," I growled, as Jess lay there and watched I beat all five of the men bloody and unconscious. Suddenly Jess's eyes drifted shut and she collapsed completely, Oh no! She could be hurt! I reached out and felt her pulse, it was there and it was at a slow steady pace; as I did that I felt a sudden unexplained warmth burn through my body like fire, "I'll keep you safe," I promised, I scooped her up into my arms effortlessly and turned around, there was Jason, "Hey, she's hurt, would you mind going hunting without me?" he nodded understandingly and left in a flash. I ran as fast as I could, heading for the nearest hospital; it didn't take long for me to reach the hospital, I rushed in and got the doctors to help her.

    Chapter Three: Stalling

    I sat in the waiting room restlessly, it was dark before a nurse finally came out and told me that I could see Jess, I walked into the room where Jess was laying on a hospital bed, she was smiling at me through several bandages on her face, suddenly I felt that same warmth tingling all through my body that I had when I'd checked her pulse. I walked up to her bed smiling, "You gave me a bit of a scare there Jess," I said finally, she just kept smiling and then she started to chuckle a little, "Well I guess I have you to thank for my being safe?" I nodded; my smile turned into a frown, she just looked at me curiously, "What's wrong?" she asked, I smiled slightly, "I can't help thinking...of what might have happened if I hadn't found you in's eating away at me just thinking about it," I said, and I could hear fear and pain in my own voice, Why though? Why do I care so much about this human? What is this feeling? I turned around to hide my face from her view as I pondered, "Don't go," she pleaded, I turned around stunned; then I smiled and sat down next to her, "I'm not going anywhere," she sighed in relief, "I'll keep you safe," I promised for the second time. I sat there for hours; I finally fell asleep with my head resting on the edge of the hospital bed, "Sir?" I heard a voice say, I woke up; I was still in the hospital; Jess was sleeping; a nurse was standing behind me looking concerned. "Yes?" I asked. "Don't you have to go to work or something?" she asked, I smiled and shook my head, then I looked out the window; it was light out, but what day was it? "What day is it?" I asked still looking out the window.

    "It's Saturday sir." she said, I looked at Jess, who was starting to wake up now, "Good morning," I said softly, her eyes snapped open and she beamed at me, "Mark, you stayed!" she breathed, I grinned, "Surprised?" I teased, she blushed. "Are you feeling well enough to leave?" I asked; she nodded and I helped her to her feet. I waited outside the room while she got dressed and then we went to catch a cab, I handed the cabbie some money and we got into the cab, it was a long cab drive to her house, the cabbie offered me a ride home but I turned him down, I walked Jess to the door, "You gonna be alright?" I asked her once we were on the porch, she smiled, "I'll be fine," she assured me, I smiled and walked away, when there was no one else around I decided to start running; I needed to go hunting. When I got to the woods I saw Jason hunting too, better go hunt somewhere else, after all he's been here longer than me, I took off to find another wooded area, and hopefully something better tasting than deer.

    The next day I got up as usual, today however I decided I would go out car shopping, I visited dealership after dealership until I finally found the car I wanted, a black colored Dodge Charger; I decided to take it for a drive, it was sunny out but I was in my new car and the sun couldn't shine directly on me, so my paleness went unnoticed by the humans. I couldn't understand why, but for some reason I wanted very badly to see Jess, to see her smile, to hear her laugh, so I drove to her house and got out, I walked up to the door and knocked. "Who is it?" a women’s voice called, "Mark Ryanson, I'm Jess's new friend from school," I called back. Jess came to the door smiling brightly, "Well I wasn't expecting to see you today." she said still smiling; I smiled and nodded towards my car, "Wanna go for a ride?" I asked, she blushed but smiled even wider now, "Sure, let me go tell my mom quick though." and she went inside and talked with her mother, after a few seconds she came outside and we walked to my car.

    I got there first and I opened the passenger door for her, she gave me a warm smile and got in, I walked over to my side and got in and started the car. Once we were on the road I started to think of where I might want to go with Jess, I decided on a small Dairy Queen nearby, I pulled into the parking lot and got out, I walked over and opened her door for her again and she got out, together we walked inside and I ordered her a banana split. She looked at me with an expression that looked to me like she was curious about something, "What?" I asked simply, "What made you decide to do this?" she asked curiously, I laughed a little and sighed, "I have no idea," I answered truthfully, she looked puzzled, then she just laughed, "You look like you have something you want to say..." she started still giggling to herself, "...and I think you're stalling," she finished struggling to maintain a straight face, "No, I just have a lot on my mind," I replied simply, she smiled and blushed, "After all, I have personal secrets, I have school, I want to go as unnoticed as possible at school, and despite that last fact I seem to be unable to resist talking to you and listening to what you have to say," she blushed even more at my last comment, "Also, I have this feeling, and I can't quite put a name to the feeling." I admitted slowly, "What does it feel like?" she questioned, I laughed, "It's hard to describe, but it feels similar to happiness," she smiled and shook her head, "You're stalling again, you're hiding something from me, from everyone." she said, "Perceptive, but I really wish that you wouldn't try to figure out what it is I hide," I told her in a gentle voice, "Why is that?" she teased, my face became like stone, she seemed to notice my serious expression because she faltered, "Because my secrets are not pleasant ones, please, let us leave it at that." I said pleadingly, she simply nodded but still looked curious. I took her home and said good night after she finished with her banana split, tomorrow we both had school, and I was sure that she hadn't given up trying to find my secrets.

    Chapter Four: Questions, Answers, and Love

    The next day I went hunting in the morning while it was still dark, this time I traveled just a little farther than usual, hoping that I would find something better than deer, I ran until I was in Canada, where I found a big bear, he was vicious, tough, determined...but so was I, and I was thirsty. By the time I got back to Menasha it was light out, when I got back to my apartment I noticed Jess knocking on my door, Oh shit! Lucky thing there's a balcony, I climbed up to the balcony and slid into my apartment, I changed out of my bloody and torn clothes and left went back out to the balcony and jumped to the ground, then I went back around to my door on the other side of the building. "Looking for someone?" I teased, Jess whipped around and smiled when she saw me, "I thought you had just slept in or something, where were you?" she asked, I managed to show an unconvincing smile, "I like to go jogging once in a while," I lied easily, she laughed, "Is that why you're always so brawny?" she asked skeptically, I shook my head, "Would you want to ride with me to school today?" I asked her, she nodded eagerly and we both got into my car and I drove us both to school. When we got to school we went to English again, today we were supposed to quiz each other on random words from a list of "difficult" words, Jess gave me a few words and I gave her a few, but then..."Are you gonna tell me what you're hiding?" she probed, I shook my head, she just sighed and looked down to pick another word from the list, her eyes suddenly looked mischievous, "Deception," she said looking at me with a wide smile, "The act or fact of deceiving or fooling," I said, "Obstinate." she said, looking twice as mischievous as before, I sighed, she just wasn't going to give up, "Being stubborn or unreasonably disagreeable." I said quietly, "Remind you of anyone?" she said frowning now, I glared at her, "Drop it, I'm not telling you," I hissed, she just shook her head, "Why? Are you a fugitive or something?" I stood up, most of the class had already emptied out, "I told you, my secrets are not pleasant, besides, they're called secrets for a reason!" I growled, I looked at the clock, we had three minutes to be in our next classes, "I'll see you at lunch," I muttered before walking out.

    I had a hard time focusing on my next two classes, I sat fuming while my Calculus teacher lectured the class, when I got to Physics I was starting to cool down a little but I was still agitated. After my Physics class was finished I walked to the cafeteria, there she was sitting at the table we had been sitting at on Friday, I walked over and sat down, "Are you still mad?" she asked uncertainly, I shook my head and tried to smile, I barely managed, "And you're still not going to tell me what you're hiding are you?" she sighed, my anger flared up again for a second, but then I noticed her tone, she was starting to give in, "Not really, no." I said smiling a little wider now, she just picked at her food a little and didn't look up for a few seconds, "Could you at least not lie to me if I ask you a question?" she hedged, my smile vanished but returned, I gazed at her with gentle eyes, why did I feel the desire to trust her? Why did I want her to know me? "I'll always tell you the truth," I promised, she blushed and looked down again, "When you saved me from those men, how did you find me?" she asked, my smile vanished, but didn't come back this time, "I heard you scream," I admitted, she looked confused but still curious, "There were at least five guys, how did you beat them?" she asked, Uh oh, that's one question I had hoped wouldn't come up, "I know some martial arts, and like you mentioned earlier, I am kind of brawny." I said, it was the perfect excuse, "There's more to it than that, you were moving faster than what should be possible," she reminded me, so she'd noticed that had she? Well I guess I might eventually have to explain things. I smiled slightly, "If someone is good enough with fighting, of course he'll look like he's moving impossibly fast," I lied easily, she glared, "I can tell you're not telling me the truth, if you won't tell the truth then don't bother answering the questions," she scolded, I sighed, "I'll answer all of your questions truthfully, but..." I hesitated, "Conditions?" she guessed, I smiled and nodded, "I would prefer if we were alone somewhere first, and no matter what I tell you, please do not say anything to anyone," I said quietly, she looked at me intently and nodded, "I promise," she said sincerely.

    I told Jess that I would explain everything to her in the woods, we sat through Biology without talking at all, I was starting to get anxious when the bell finally rang, "I'll call my mom and let her know I'll be home a little later than usual," she told me while taking out her cell phone. I smiled as we walked to my car, she told her mom she would be hanging out with a friend and I drove us to the edge of the woods, we got out and she looked anxious, so was I, "Come here," I told her holding out my hand, she took it and I felt that same warmth yet again, "Climb on my back and hold on tight, it's gonna be a bumpy ride," I said with a chuckle, she did as I asked and then I took off, she gasped as she realized how fast I was running through the trees. As soon as I reached a clearing deep in the woods I stopped, and she stumbled off my back, "You all right?" I laughed, she nodded and smiled, "I was right," she giggled, "What do you want to know?" I asked still smiling, "You're incredibly fast, and strong, you never eat or drink anything, why? How?" she walked closer to me as she finished, "Because I'm not human," I admitted, she looked skeptical, "Come on, be serious," she said, I frowned, "I am being serious, I never eat anything because I can't, I never drink anything, well, I never drink anything in front of you, because...I drink blood," she just stared at me, "I told you that my secrets were not pleasant, forget everything you've ever seen or heard in a movie or a book, forget what your mother or father or friends told you, vampires exist." I told her, I watched as everything I said sunk in. "And you're one of them?" she whispered, I nodded seriously, she walked closer and touched my face with her hands; a look of fascination in her eyes, I felt that same feeling of warmth going through my body, "Do you feel it?" I asked her softly, she looked curious, "Feel what?" she asked, I smiled and suddenly, without thinking about it, I reached up to the hand that she had on my face and took it in my own hand, "The warmth, every time I touch you, I feel a strange warmth that courses through my body, I felt the same warmth that day you were in the hospital when I realized that you were okay, but I don't know why," I told her still holding her hand, she blushed, "What you're describing does sound familiar," she admitted looking down, suddenly it hit me, the name of the strange feeling, how could I be so blind? I had read about this emotion time and time again in books and poetry, I had seen it portrayed in movies, how could it take me this long to understand?

    I looked at her again and gave her a gentle smile; "I finally know the name of that feeling I told you about," I said to her smiling still, she looked puzzled, "Huh?" I laughed; it was a bit of a surprise that she had forgotten that conversation, "Remember? In that Dairy Queen, I told you that I had this feeling, and I couldn't quite put a name to the feeling," I reminded her, she smiled, "Oh I remember what's the feeling called then?" she smiled, showing real curiosity, "I'm afraid it's a bit embarrassing," I admitted, she blushed, "Come on, I won't laugh," She promised, I did laugh though, "I'm not worried about you laughing," I sighed, "I suppose that if anyone has the right to know, it's you." I said honestly, she encouraged me to continue, "The feeling....well it'," I said brushing her hair out of her face with my free hand. Jess looked surprised but somehow radiant, "I had a feeling," she said, and she pulled her hand out of mine, for a second I was somewhat hurt, but then I saw that she was throwing her arms on my shoulders and wrapping them around me, I placed my hands on her waist, and then without even thinking, I leaned in at the same time that she was leaning in, and our lips met in the middle.

    Chapter Five: The Gift

    That night, after I dropped Jess off at her house, I went hunting again, I didn't really need to, but I wanted to kill some time, I found some deer again and finished with them quickly, then I went back to my apartment and went to bed, this had been a good day despite my frustration in the early parts of the day, I had still enjoyed today, and I couldn't wait for tomorrow, and I fell asleep while thinking about Jess. When I woke up in the morning, I still had an hour before I had to be at school, for the first time, I actually couldn't wait to be at school with Jess, I walked over to my stereo and started listening to "Addicted" by Simple Plan, the song was almost over when I heard a knock at the door, I stopped the music and got up to answer the door. It was Jess, she was standing there smiling at me, she had brought all her things so I assumed that she knew I had been planning to take her to school, "This won't do," I teased smiling back at her as I took her coat and hung it up, she sat on my couch and looked at me confused, "You don't want me here," she said guessing wrong, of course I was happy to have her here, "That's not's just that it's customary for the guy to pick the girl up from her home isn't it?" I said sitting down next to her. Her face relaxed into a smile again and she snuggled up to me, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed the top of her head, "I'm curious, if you're a vampire, then don't you drink human blood?" she asked, I laughed without humor, "Not me, some vampires, although not many of them, prefer to drink the blood of animals," I told her matter-of-factly, "Why," she asked, this question made me laugh too, I was genuinely amused, "I don't want to be a blood-thirsty beast, so I drink the blood of animals in an attempt to keep myself in check," I told her, she nodded and snuggled more firmly against my chest, it felt good being able to have her there, it felt almost natural, then I remembered something from my human years, humans had to eat on a regular basis, "Have you had breakfast yet?" I asked her looking into her eyes, she shook her head, I took her into my arms and carried her to my kitchen table, I sat her down and started making her some breakfast.

    When Jess had eaten breakfast it was time to go, we walked out to my car holding hands, I opened her door and she climbed in, I shut her door and went around to my side and got in, once we were on the road heading to school we were holding hands again, I knew that our new relationship would probably complicate things but I didn't care, I was willing to put in whatever effort I needed to...and then some. When we got to the school we both got out of the car and started walking towards the school, holding hands again of course, the second that we walked into the school I laughed, people were staring at us in disbelief. I had forgotten that being a vampire meant that I was unbelievably handsome in the eyes of most human females, I guessed that they were staring because they couldn't believe that Jessica Johnson could have "snagged me", this irritated me to some extent, could they not see how beautiful Jess really was? No it was obviously jealousy, it was always the same, most humans were always so competitive, but Jess was different somehow. We arrived in our first class and sat chatting quietly during Mr. Jolts' lecture, "So do you have any plans tonight?" she asked conversationally, I grinned, of course not, I never had plans, but now I was considering taking her out somewhere, "Well..." I started looking at her with a playful smirk, "What would you say to me meeting your mother?" I asked, her face dropped, "She isn't very open minded," I smiled at that; most parents were over protective of their children, in Jess' case it was a good thing, "Protective?" I probed, she laughed, "That's an understatement," she giggled, "I'm glad," I admitted, she looked confused at my statement, "Why?" she asked, I raised an eyebrow, "Because of what I am, I'm good with controlling myself, but if I were to ever lose control around you, I could so easily do something that would torment me forever." the words were spilling out of me like a waterfall now, "But you didn't answer my question, would it be all right if I came to meet your mother?" she sighed but nodded, "Your funeral pal," she muttered, I chuckled, "Can you do me a favor?" I asked her leaning closer to her, she leaned in too and our faces were barely an inch apart, "Sure," she said looking curious, "Remember those woods that you were in when we first met?" I asked, how could she not, "Of course," she said breathlessly, "Could you not go in there?" I pleaded, she looked confused for a second, "It's just that...that's where I hunt now, and the last thing I would want is for you to stumble across me while I was thirsty," she nodded, seeming to understand.

    After our classes, we went to lunch and sat at our usual table, Jason was sitting alone as usual and when he saw me he smiled slightly, I motioned with my finger for him to join us, he closed his eyes and shrugged before getting up and walking over, he sat down across from Jess and me. He smiled, "So this is what it's like to sit with people," he mused, I chuckled and looked at Jess' confused expression, it made me laugh, "She doesn't know about us, does she?" he asked smirking, I returned his smirk with a wide grin, "She knows about me, I haven't told her about you," I told him, Jess looked like the meaning behind our words was sinking in, "You're a vampire too?" she whispered, he nodded, still smirking. Jess slowly chewed her food and swallowed, "Going hunting later?" I asked Jason, he nodded, we sat there for a while till the bell rang and it was time to go to Biology, Jess and I walked to class holding hands again. Today we were taking a test, it was easy, I breezed through it and sat there waiting, I could have gotten up and left once I was done, but I wanted to wait for Jess. I sat there the whole time just thinking about what I would say to her mother when we met, I had a pretty good idea that her reaction to me would not be a positive one, Jess finished her test and her and I both stood up, after she turned in her test we both walked out of the classroom, I was really starting to like this day.

    Jess and I walked to my car, I helped her in and then got in the driver's side, "You're kind of quiet," I noted smiling at her as I drove towards her house, "I'm just a little nervous," I laughed, so that's what she was thinking about, "Aren't you nervous at all?" she asked, truthfully no, I was not nervous, I already knew what her mother would think of me, "Not really, it takes a lot to make me nervous," I told her, her face broke into a wide smile. I pulled into Jess' drive way and got out, before she could help herself out, I jumped over the car and landed beside her door in time to open it for her and then to help her out of the car, "I hope my mom didn't see that," she fretted, I laughed again and we walked towards the front door, she unlocked the door and led me inside the house. The inside of her house was beautiful, almost as beautiful as her face, “Jess, honey, is that you?” I heard a voice call from another room, “Yeah mom, can you come here for a sec? I want you to meet someone,” Jess called back. Jess' mother walked into the room smiling, she looked a lot like Jess, but her hair was short and blond, and she was just a hair taller than Jess, "Mom, this is Mark," Jess told her mother; I predicted her reaction perfectly, first shock crossed her face, followed by fear, and then her face broke into a smile that I knew she was forcing herself to maintain, "Hello Mrs. Johnson," I said in my drawling voice, the one I used to coax humans into seeing things my way.

    Jess' mother looked dazed for a moment but then she smiled warmly at me, "Uh, it's Miss Bennings now, but you can call me Julia," she told me, smiling, "Mark moved here recently from Texas," Jess told her mother casually, she smiled but her face showed worry lines, "Would you like to join us for dinner, Mark?" Julia asked, I smiled, I knew I would not be able to eat, "Sorry, but I really can't," I told her, regretting that I could not eat normal food. Jess walked with me to the door, "Are you sure you have to go?" she pouted, ah, I wonder if she realizes how cute she looks when she does that, "Yes, I need to go hunting tonight, but I'll be here in the morning to pick you up for school," I promised, I would come in the morning, after all, I couldn't get enough of my time with her, I could spend an eternity with her and it still would not be enough, "What did you do to my mom though? One second she looked at you the way she does any other guy, and the next second she was putty in your hands," she teased, "Well, let's just say I'm very persuasive," I told her in the same drawling voice, her eyes became unfocused and she just nodded. Before I went home, I went out hunting in the woods behind my apartment building, I found a few deer and finished with them quickly, I wanted to get plenty of sleep tonight, suddenly I thought of something, something that I had heard another vampire say, that some vampires had special extra senses or "gifts" that other vampires did not have, then I thought of what Jess had said, What did you do to my mom though? One second she looked at you the way she does any other guy, and the next second she was putty in your hands. I was starting to think that this: the ability to make others see things my way was the gift that I had been given, this was my gift.

    Chapter Six: Slade

    The next few days went by without anything interesting happening, me and Jess went on a few dates and I got to know her mother better, we were planning to tell her about what I was when the time was right, but we dreaded her reaction. Then when Jess and I were in my apartment hanging out I heard something that made me somewhat glum, "I'm going to my dad's house tomorrow," Jess told me on Friday, "Do you have to go?" I asked, I suppose I sounded a little insensitive, but I couldn't help wanting her around me, "I haven't seen my dad in a while, I want to visit him, it's just for one day." she assured me, I must not have looked very cheered up because she walked up and threw her arms over my shoulders, "Don't worry, I'll be back around ten o'clock, then we'll have all Sunday to ourselves," she whispered in my ear, I wrapped my arms around her and we swayed side to side a little bit, "I can be patient for you to come back, or at least I can try to, I could wait a hundred thousand years if it meant that I'd get to be with you," I whispered back to her. We spent a few hours snuggling on my couch, and then her mother called saying that she wanted her to come home now, I got Jess in my car and drove her back home. "I'll see you Sunday," she whispered, "I'll count the seconds," I replied, we kissed and then she got out and raced through the pouring rain to her house, I watched her get safely into her house before driving off.

    I woke up on Saturday morning happy as can be, I wanted to go to Jess' house and take her to some places, but...I suddenly remembered that Jess was at her father's house. And then I was in agony as I realized that I could not spend the day with Jess, but I decided to get up despite my unhappiness, I walked outside my apartment and locked the door. As I turned away from the door I saw Jason standing there, he was sporting blue jeans, a red t-shirt, and a black jacket. “Going out with your human girl?” he asked with a slight trace of bitterness in his voice, “Do you have a problem with her?” I asked, he walked up to me with an angry expression, “You’re a vampire, she’s a human, how can that end well Mark?” he growled, I growled back at him, although he had a point I still didn’t like him sticking his nose in my business. “That is none of your concern,” I hissed, “It is if things go wrong and I am exposed with you,” he hissed back, I pushed past him, “And no I am not going out with Jess today, she’s at her father’s house,” this seemed to cheer Jason up some, “Um well..Okay then,” he mumbled, I gestured for him to join me in my car and he followed.

    I drove through town with Jason in my car, he was silent until we hit a red light, "What do you see in her anyways?" he asked, I suddenly felt angry but I controlled myself, "Why? Does it bother you that I've found someone who I wanna be with?" I asked testily. Jason looked out the window, "I don't know," he sighed, I continued to drive, I wanted to go somewhere and kill some time. Suddenly a figure ran out into the street, I could tell that the figure was moving too fast to be a human, I looked at Jason who nodded, "I know," he said, the figure stood up straight in front of the car, I pulled over in front of the figure, it was a man, he was about six feet tall with pale blue eyes and wild red hair. "Hello boys," he said in a drawling voice, Jason and I got out of the car and walked up to him, "Who are you?" I demanded, the man smiled, "Well Mark, I'm surprised you don't remember me," suddenly I had a flash back, I had seen him before, he was there the night that I had become a vampire, "You were there," I breathed, "You were there the night I became a vampire," the man's smile widened, "Exacamundo Marky-boy," he said, "You turned me didn't you?" I asked, the man frowned, "Still piecing together your memory I take it,” he walked closer, “Here,” he handed me a syringe with a bluish liquid in it, “What is this?” I asked, “It contains a chemical that will force all of your dormant memories to come out so that you can recall everything.” he explained. I injected the bluish liquid and waited, “Nothing's happening,” I complained, the man threw his head back and laughed, “It will take a few moments, it needs to spread through the blood stream.” I waited patiently for a few moments, then suddenly it felt like I was falling into darkness, then my surroundings changed again, I was back at the road and the trees where I had been turned.

    Then I had a complete flashback. I was laying in the snow, freezing to death, “Ah, another unfortunate accident, and you seem to be in so much pain,” I looked up and saw a man, he was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans, “Who are you?” I asked, though I barely made any sound, the man seemed to hear what I said, “Interesting question, I thank you, most people generally ask me 'what' I am,” said the man, this puzzled me, I was briefly distracted from the fact that I was dying, “My name is Slade, Johnathon Slade, you can call me John,” I barely managed to smile, “So what are you doing here John?” I asked him, he smirked, “Does it hurt?” he asked indicating my legs, I nodded, “What if I told you that I could make it go away, what if I could make it so that you would not die here, but instead would become stronger and faster and just plain better,” he said, I thought for a moment, “Fine, do it!” I choked, he smiled a wicked smile, “This will hurt for a few moments but then the pain will disappear,” he leaned down towards my face then stopped, “Wait, what's your name?” he asked, “Mark,” I breathed, “Mark Ryanson,” John leaned down then placing his mouth right by the side of my neck, “Well then Marky-boy...” he said chuckling darkly, “...welcome to my world,” he finished, suddenly I felt a piercing pain in the side of my neck as John bit down into my flesh. I opened my eyes, there was John standing in front of me, I looked around, I was back by my car again, “I remember now,” I said smiling, John chuckled, “So Marky-boy, who am I?” he said teasingly, “Slade, Johnathon Slade,” John nodded, “So I take it you want something?” John smiled, “Of course, I saved your life, I think you owe me something,” he said. “What do you want?” I asked, “I want your gift,” he said, I stiffened, “Why?” he smirked, “The ability to convince anyone to do anything is very appealing, it will make it very easy to make myself ruler of the human race as well as the vampire race," I took a step back, "And if I were to…deny you my gift?" I asked, John bared his teeth and hissed. "Then I'll make you regret it," he spat, I motioned for Jason to get back in the car and he did so, "You will stay away from me Slade, remember, I could use my gift against you." I warned, John edged away and then started running.

    I got back into my car and drove away, "He'll probably be trouble Mark, you know that," I nodded and kept driving. It was dark when I finally got back to my apartment; I was slightly shaken so I had difficulty getting to sleep. I forced myself to remember what tomorrow would mean for me, I could see Jess again, with those thoughts in mind, I drifted off to sleep.

    Chapter Seven: Danger

    I woke up in the morning to find Jess was lying on my bed next to me with her arms wrapped around me. I gently unwrapped her arms and turned to face her, she was asleep, "Good Morning love," I said softly, her eyes opened slowly and she smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, I just couldn't wait to see you so I snuck in," she was blushing, I drew her to me and kissed her softly, "Don't be sorry love, I'm happy that you're here," she smiled brightly and kissed me back, "How was your day yesterday?" she asked me, I chuckled, "Lonely," I said smiling, then I remembered about Slade, "What’s wrong?” Jess asked, I realized that my face had a look of fear upon it, “Nothing’s wrong love, just bad dreams,” I said managing a smile; I chuckled when I heard her stomach growl, “Hungry?” I said raising an eyebrow, she shrugged, I hopped out of bed and picked her up and cradled her in my arms, and while she giggled and kicked her legs I carried her into the kitchen, where I sat her down in a chair at the table, “So what should I make for you today?” I asked, she giggled, “Do you even have food?” she asked, I nodded, “I thought you didn’t need to eat,” she said, I chuckled, “True but it helps to keep up to charade, it also helps to have food when I have a hungry guest,” she smiled, "Let's have some eggs," she suggested happily, I raised an eyebrow, "I don't eat remember?" she snickered, "Does that mean you can't eat?" she asked, I shook my head, the fact was that I could eat, but anytime I ate human food, I would end up getting sick and I'd be throwing up later. "It's just better that I don't, human food doesn't agree with my stomach," Jess looked disappointed but she shrugged and sat there while I made the eggs. After the eggs were ready, I glanced at Jess again, she was still looking unhappy. I sighed and began loading up two plates of eggs, after pouring Jess a glass of milk I set the glass along with one of the plates of eggs on the table, Jess didn't look at them. I reached into the fridge and pulled out a pitcher of blood, after pouring myself a glass of it, I sat down at the table with it, along with my own plate of eggs, "Why don't you eat, I'm not human anymore but I think I still make some pretty good eggs," she smiled slightly before going back to looking unhappy, "I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling very hun-huh?" she looked up to see me taking a bite of eggs, I continued to hold her gaze as I took a sip from my glass, "I thought you weren't gonna eat," she said still looking surprised, I smiled wide and she shuddered, "I'm sorry, my fangs are showing, aren't they?" she nodded, I closed my mouth and didn't open it until my fangs had retracted, "Are you thirsty?" she asked, I shook my head and pointed at my glass, a look of understanding dawned on Jess's face, it was followed by a look of shock, "You keep blood in your fridge?" I smiled with amusement and took another sip, "In case of emergencies, I have a special self-refrigerated pitcher, it keeps the blood fresh longer," I explained, she nodded and continued eating, after she had finished, we left the house.

    I smiled as I drove through town, Jess was holding my hand and humming happily. "So what are we going to do today?" I asked her casually, she giggled, "I don't know, don't you have a job or something?" I shook my head, she looked puzzled, "How do you pay for your apartment? And this car?" I chuckled quietly, though I didn't really find anything humorous, this was a subject I tried to avoid most times. "My parents had quite a few investments that were worth quite a bit of money, I was in their will as the sole beneficiary," she looked a little regretful, "I'm sorry Mark, I didn't mean to-"
    "No, don't worry about it,"
    "But you look so-"
    "That's just it, you don't look sad, it looks like you just don't care,"
    I sighed, she had caught on well, I had buried my feelings about my parents pretty deep, it helped to numb the pain. "I'd rather not talk about my parents," she nodded and just sat quietly, entwining her fingers with mine. It was dark when I finally realized I hadn't been paying attention to where we were going; we were surrounded on either side by woods. "So do you have any special hobbies?" she asked brightly. I smiled, "I do like reading, always have," she giggled lightly.

    Right then I had the sensation that something was off. I felt a tremor go through my spine as I watched a figure leap over my car and land in front of us. I slammed the brakes and the car swerved and crashed sideways into a cluster of trees, fortunately it was my side of the car that had hit the trees. I didn't have time to react before Jess' door was ripped clear off the car and she was dragged, screaming from the car. I snapped my seat belt and leaped from the car.

    I hissed viciously as I saw that it was John. “Looks like you've got a weakness after all,” he laughed loudly as held her from behind, his arm around her neck; she was struggling to get free. “Let her go,” I growled. John laughed, “Give me your gift,” I looked between them with panic filled eyes. "What's wrong with you Mark?" he looked up and saw Jason there. He had knocked Slade away and was sheilding Jess. "Get Jess out of here!" I shouted.

    Jason nodded and was about to pick Jess up and run off when suddenly he lurched forward slightly. Blood dripped slowly from his lips as his head dropped to see the tire iron that had been thrust through his abdomon. Slade was standing behind him holding the other end of it, his expression filled with rage. Slade picked up Jason and tossed him to the side. "Now then," he grabbed Jess who screamed as he carried her away.

    I rushed to Jason's side and knelt beside him, "Jason!" he gasped, "What are you waiting for? Go after her," Jason laughed, though his mouth still had blood streaming from it. "But you-" Jason cut me off, "You idiot! We vampires are cursed, forever damned and miserable, you have a chance to be forever happy, a gift that any vampire would give both fangs to have," he gripped my should tightly and his face looked stern for once. "Don't let her get away you idiot, I'll be fine," he lied, "I'm made of tougher stuff, I'll live through this," I knew he was lying, and I knew that he knew I knew. But I stood up and nodded, "If you die I'm gonna be really pissed," I ran off and heard Jason's amused chuckle at my comment. "Hold on Jess, I'm coming,"

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