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    Religious Intolerance


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    Religious Intolerance

    Post  Montague91 on Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:00 am

    Over a hundred years and things have changed very little, sure you see less Christians killing in the name of Christ. But whether they kill or not those who are radical believers continue to either shove their religious beliefs down our throats or they simply shun us or call us crazy.
         I find this interesting considering before their rise to dominance, Christians were considered heretics by the mainstream religions of the age, i.e. the polytheistic religions that existed during the rule of the Roman Empire. Also, Wiccans were once respected as healers and wise men and women and
    now they are called heretics by Catholics and other Christian denominations, called “devil worshipers” when this is simply not true.
         And now yet another religious group has risen to strike down those who don't believe as they do. The Muslim Radicals, who go against the original Muslim faith by killing off those who don't believe in Allah. It seems mankind is determined to wipe itself off of the face of the Earth for no other
    reason than because someone doesn't agree with them about how the world was made.
         Today we stand at a crossroad, we can continue to take the path of destruction, oppression, and segregation, or we can stand together and take the path of peace and harmony. Do not look at a man's beliefs, do not look at a man's skin or where he is from, do not look at a man's past or attire, instead look at the man himself, look at his intentions for the future, look at his heart and soul.

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