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    Why Perfection Is Undesirable


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    Why Perfection Is Undesirable

    Post  Montague91 on Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:54 am

    Humans constantly desire perfection, but the closer they come to perfection, the more unsatisfied they become. We are not meant to gain perfection, only to strive towards something greater than we are, if perfection existed in this world, people would detest it, why? Because if it is perfect, then there is no room for improvement, no way to make it greater, and therefore perfection is undesirable, and yet many still desire it. To be perfect, something has to be without fault or defect, the irony is that something without fault or defect has those qualities for the very reason that it is without them, if something has no flaws then its flaw ironically is the fact that it has none, without a flaw, there is no way to improve it and therefore there is no way to be creative, inventive, or spontaneous. In short, there is no way to remove all negative things without removing a great deal of the positive things, and that in itself is adding a new negative thing.

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