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    Anger Essay


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    Anger Essay

    Post  Montague91 on Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:51 am

    Facing many people in today’s world is the problem of bad tempers, i.e. anger. However there is both healthy and unhealthy anger. When one holds his/her anger in for too long, it can be dangerous, a steam pipe without an opening will build up pressure until it eventually explodes, releasing a much more dangerous force than if the steam had simply been released initially. The same goes for anger, holding anger inside will cause it to build up, like a stack of precariously positioned boxes, building up anger too much over time can cause sudden, unpleasant displays of anger, such as: violent actions towards peers, violent outbursts, and unusual treatment of friends and family i.e. acting unusually rude or uncaring. Recognizing when oneself or someone else is angry is important. Some physical signs that may indicate anger in a person are: clenched jaws or grinding of teeth, signs of head pains (holding their head or checking the vein at their temple), increased and rapid heart rate and breathing, sweating, red in the face, shaking or trembling, or even dizziness (loss of coordination). Anger can have multiple negative effects on a person, psychologically, physically, and socially. Mental effects of anger can be depression, sleeping problems, and concentration problems. Physical effects can be increased acne or other blemishes, indigestion and it can cause the person to appear to age faster, i.e. wrinkles, etc. Anger can also affect a person socially, especially if while angry he/she lashes out at others, either violently, or with abusive words. Most people don’t like hanging out with someone who calls them names or hits them a lot.
             When a person becomes angry, his/her body will pump adrenaline and other chemicals into your bloodstream, preparing for a physical  altercation. As a result, anger will usually activate a ‘fight or flight’ mind set. A person who is unable to control these impulses will become violent fairly frequently when he/she becomes angry. Furthermore, if someone finds that they are frequently angry, or if they simply find that while they are
    not angry frequently, they are violent at the rare times that they are angry, then seeking anger management counseling would be extremely important and beneficial. Ways that a person can deal with his/her anger include deep breathing, expressing one’s anger verbally (not shouting, but simply explaining that he/she is angry and the reason), and finding something to take one’s mind off of whatever created the anger in the first place.
             In conclusion, anger allows one to function at their peak when facing a physical threat. However, it can also control them and cause them to do moronic and irresponsible things if they allow it.

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